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7 Complaints About The Google Android Browser

The Google Android Browser is the most powerful mobile browser I have used, but it is far from perfect.  Some fanboys refuse to complain about their phone, but I like making lists I think should be improved upon.  It is also nice to look back at these complains when new releases come out to see which things were addressed.  By continuing the discussion we can move the platform forward.

1. Control Over the Browser Cache.  With the limited internal storage space on the G1, most users have noticed the large amount of space the Browser application can take up.  I learned the hard way, that when you go to clear data, it also wipes out your bookmarks.  Android users with root access can move the cache to their SD card and I think Google should allow us that option.

Taking up space..

Taking up space..

2. Management of Bookmarks.  Most of the Google services offered for Android are automatically backed up online.  Why is it then that we can not backup our bookmarks?  This would allow us to easily transfer favs between our PC and phone and allow us to share them with contacts.  I would also like to see a better way to manage your backups.  You should be able to create folders and arrange them.

3. Multitouch Support.  I don’t care about reports that Apple nixed the multitouch feature.  It is a feature that users want and needs to be turned on.  Currently people who hacked their phone(root users) have the ability to try out the feature.  I’m am running one of JF’s builds with the feature turned on and I find it useful.  There are many times when the little plus/minus will not do and its easy to pinch and pull to zoom.

4. Autorotate.  It is annoying having to make 3 clicks to flip screen orientation.  I don’t see how this feature was left off.  Alternative browsers have the option and there are tools like Droidsans which allow you to turn it on.

5. More YouTube Options – So it might not be till 2010 when we finally see Adobe release Flash 10 for Android, but we can still play Youtube movies inside the browser.  There are other apps to allow this as well as download YouTube clips to your phone.  Make those features standard.

I'm starting to like Steel

I'm starting to like Steel

6. Upload Support – Opera Mini supports this feature.  Is there some reason the Android browser does not?

7. Touch Shortcuts – I want to see more innovation with the touch and gesture controls.  Steel is doing some interesting things with their control options.  I want to use more gesture motions to jump to the bottom of a page even reload the current page.

What else would you like to see in future updates to the Android Browser?  Would you like to submit your own lists of complaints about anything Android related? Contact us and we may publish your entry.

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