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Android Market Paid App Reviews

YouTuber LT455 posted a review of several paid apps including Snap Photo, Voice Transformer, and Advanced Task Manager.  Check out the video and subscribe to his channel if you want to see more Android reviews.  If you would like to have your game or app reviewed, please contact us.

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  1. I purchased Advanced Task Manager and I have root. I really like having the end all button. Its annoying when you are trying to close some program cause it keeps running and playing sound.

  2. Logan RGuest 6 years ago

    My G1 hates me and I can’t get root. But of course I’m retarted so that may be an issue as well. Haha. GO ME! LT445! WOOT!

  3. i can’t see paid apps in my galaxy :S
    i am from turkey

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  6. MaartenGuest 2 years ago

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  7. Mike StuffGuest 10 months ago

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