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I Wish My Android Had HDMI

Mobile World Congress – NVIDIA Tegra from Jakub Kanczugowski on Vimeo.

Earlier this week, I posted a video of NVIDIA announcing their new Tegra platform for mobile internet devices (MIDs). Tegra promises 1080p HD video decode and up to 10 hours playback on a single charge.  Watch the following video at around 2:35.  They have an Android device playing Disney’s Cars on a HDTV.  When they zoom in on the device you can see it has a 5PM camera.  It is just a demo, but its pretty cool to think I could have full HD  movies on my phone in the future.  Drools…

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  2. Rob KingstonGuest 4 years ago

    Pretty sure you can get HDMI with a Galaxy S if you have the right adapter. Whether it plays full HD is another question though.