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4 Tips For Improving Battery Life On Your Android G1

Wouldn’t it be nice to get an extra couple hours out of your T-Mobile G1 battery?  Some people remain in doubt, but the G1 battery problems have been well documented.  Even after all the tricks and hacks, users have to constantly “manage” their battery each day.  It is often the first thing we look at when turning on our screens.  If you ever miss a night of charging, you are certainly screwed.

If you are still frustrated with the current battery technology, please read our tips.  They have been tested by a group of G1 users and guaranteed to work every time.  The users in our testing reported a 34% increase in average battery time.

1. Turn off all the features of your phone.  Customers who have contacted T-Mobile and complained about their battery life have been told to turn off features such as WiFi, GPS, and 3G.  We go further to suggest uninstalling any apps which attempt to access these features.  In fact, we do not recommend downloading any apps from the Android Market.  These apps use up CPU cycles which drains your precious battery life.

2. Use a land line or borrow a friend’s phone.  It has also been reported that if you make fewer phone calls with your G1 you can increase your battery life 57%.  Whenever possible, use a land line or borrow a friends cell phone.  If you have no friends, you could also purchase a 2nd phone and line from T-Mobile for $9 extra a month.

Never worry about low battery level again

Never worry about low battery level again

3. Purchase extra charges for every room of your house and get a car charger.  By constantly having your phone plugged in, you can avoid any unnecessary drain on your battery.  If you plan on being outdoors for an extended period of time, you can look into getting a solar charger.

4. Order a couple extended batteries and charging dock.  High capacity batteries are beginning to show up on Ebay and Amazon.  You might have trouble fitting the G1 in your pocket with one installed, so we suggest getting a belt clip.  Another solution is to purchase several extra batteries and a charging dock.  With 3 extra batteries at your side, you should be able to get through the work day.

p.s. eestor, where the heck is that barium titanate super capacitor already???

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