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Three Tips for New Android Users

Three Tips for New Android Users is a new weekly segment from Christopher Earle.  Each week he will focus on helpful hints for beginners as he learns Android.  If you have any suggestions for tips or need help with your G1, please contact us.  Read on for this week’s edition.

How to Delete an Email Account on the Google G1

A question that has come up for a new user is how to delete an email account from the G1. If you need to delete a POP or an IMAP account, the mechanism isn’t readily apparent. You might want to delete an email account if that account isn’t used anymore. This particular person decided to have Gmail poll the account instead of the G1. Here is how it’s done:

I can't make pop3 work with Gmail

I can't make pop3 work with Gmail

  1. Go to the eMail application by finding it in the docking panel and touching the icon
  2. Click the Menu key and select Accounts
  3. Press and hold the account that you want to delete
  4. A selection box will pop up, simply select Remove account

The G1 will ask you if you are sure you want the account removed. Press OK and the account will be gone.

Touch-Hold, The New Gesture for Smart Phones

Some things on touch screen smart phones may not be intuitive at first. One of those things is the “touch-hold” or “touch and hold” gesture. A gesture is a sequence of physical actions like a single mouse click or a double mouse click. Single clicking an icon on a computer desktop selects the icon. Double clicking launches the software or document. Click-hold is similar. If you can’t find an action, like the one to delete an email in a list or to move an icon to a new position on the desktop, the action is likely a touch-hold action. For example, to move an icon to a new location on the desktop:

Drag an icon to the trash for removal

Drag an icon to the trash for removal

  1. Touch the icon. Don’t let up, wait a moment
  2. The G1 will vibrate, indicating that the icon can be dragged to a new position on the desktop
  3. Drag the icon to its new position or into the trash bin if you’d like to remove the icon from the desktop entirely.

If you touch-hold items in a list, like a list of emails or accounts in a finance program, a menu of commonly used actions will often pop up. For new users, this is a little confusing. After a few days, it will be as intuitive as single and double clicking a mouse button.

Adding New Applications to the Desktop

Now that you know how to move icons and delete them from the desktop, it would probably be helpful to know how to add an application the desktop. To add a program to the desktop, do the following:

Adding an Application is Easy

Adding an Application is Easy

  1. Press the Menu key just below the screen
  2. Select Add in the menu that pops up
  3. Select Application to see a list of all of the applications
  4. Scroll through the list until you see the application you want on the desktop
  5. Select that application by touching it.

The application will be placed in the first available position on the desktop. Touch and hold the application’s icon to move it to the desired position.

Christopher Earle has been working as a freelance writer since 1987. He currently lives in the Denver, Colorado area with his wife, son, and their two cats. He has been a fan of open source software for many years.

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