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Documents to Go: Word and Excel Editing for Android Devices

How many times have you needed to write or edit a document and not been near a computer or network connection? Docs to Go last week released its first version for Android that supports full editing on the T-Mobile G1.  Docs to Go is a good, solid editor for Word and Excel documents. In fact, this review is being written on a G1 using Docs to Go.

docstogoqrDocuments To Go
Version:  1.000
Developed by: Dataviz, Inc.
Price:  #19.99
File Size:  3.04MB


Docs to Go is currently divided into two components. The first component is Word to Go. Word to Go is a well rounded editor for Microsoft Word documents. The second component is Sheets to Go. This component allows the creation and editing of Microsoft Excel documents.

Word to Go

Word to Go has all of the basic features needed for basic writing and editing on the G1. File operations work just like its desktop based big brother. Files can either be copied to your PC or edited directly from the G1 via USB cable in the full version of Word. The Edit menu offers simple cut, copy, paste, and undo functionality. The view menu supports jumping around the document and zooming in and out of a page. It also allows you to view and edit headers, footers footnotes, endnotes and the table of contents. The insert menu allows for the insertion of page breaks, bookmarks, hyperlinks, tables and comments. The format menu supports bold, italic, and underlined text. It supports a few standard fonts and simple paragraph formatting. In addition, the format menu supports bulleted and numbered lists, hyperlinks, and indenting and out-denting.

Sheet to Go

Sheet to Go is an excellent platform for creating or editing Excel documents on your T-Mobile G1. It provides all of the basic functions of Word to Go, but adds some Excel specific functions, including row and column insertion and deletion, support for functions and auto-sum, and support for the inclusion of cell comments. Sheet to Go also supports in-cell formulas and calculations. Column and row functions include Select, Autofit, Hide, and Unhide.


The G1 with Word to Go is not a replacement for the full versions of Word and Excel on a desktop or notebook computer, but for those times when you need to write a quick document or do some revisions, it is a very handy tool. For my money, it is well worth the current Market price of $19.99.

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