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Market Millionaire. Android Game Review.

With the current financial situation people are hesitant to invest in stocks. Bad news from Wall Street is an everyday occurrence. Even blue chip stocks, the once mighty foundation of investment strategies, have taken a tumble. With that in mind Chicken Brick Studios, creators of the popular Plox: Tower Defense game, have developed Market Millionaire. Players start off with $100,000 of imaginary money and are tasked with building their wealth by investing in real world stocks.

Market Millionaire Load Screen

Market Millionaire Load Screen

The idea of a stock market game isn’t something new but the integration of real time data and the convenience of mobile gaming is and it’s always more fun to play with someone else’s money rather than risk your own

The main screen is a chart of the players stocks and is easy to understand for anyone who knows the basics of the stock market. It has a simple interface that is very intuitive with just two buttons, “Buy Stocks” and “Research”. “Buy Stocks” is the gateway to both buying and selling your imaginary stocks while “Research” links to Google’s Finance app. A tally in the lower right shows the player their current ranking based on their net worth. It is with that little number that a fun little toy turns into an obsession. I found myself refreshing (accessed from the Menu) dozens of times a day to check on my stocks current price and to see if my ranking had gone up or down. There is also a link from within the Menu that opens up the leader boards in the browser.

Some people may be turned off by the ads at the bottom of the screen which is used as a source of revenue rather than charging for the game. Dan Sherman of Chicken Brick Studios told me they decided to go this route to “see how it worked, both financially, and how users react.” I think it was a smart move. A free game is always a plus and the AdMob ads aren’t too obtrusive. It also allows people who aren’t necessarily financially literate to try it out and maybe learn the basics of stock trading without having to pay money up front.

Buying Goog Stock

Buying Goog Stock

Market Millionaire suffered a little hick-up during it’s start when an exploit was found that allowed players to buy stock without spending money. Some players were able to acquire a huge net worth (in the trillions) and to climb to the top of the leader boards. This was patched within a day and Chicken Brick Studios will be restarting the game on April 1 to level out the playing field.

Dan also let us know that they are looking into adding more functionality to Market Millionaire including short-selling, a history page, and making it possible to trade on a variety of US Markets. Chicken Brick Studios is also developing two new games, one of which Dan could only hint about; a top-down, multiplayer, network-only battle game. The other game is still being kept under wraps.

Market Millionaire is definitely worth checking out. You can’t beat the price and it is the perfect game for someone who wants to play a game a few minutes at a time and see how their decisions play out.

Market Millionaire
Version: 1.0.4
Developed by: Chicken Brick Studios
Price: Free
File Size: 215KB

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