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T-Mobile Releases My Account To Android Market

5 years ago 17

How cool would it be to access all your T-Mobile account information directly from your Android phone?  No longer would you have to call customer service or wait in line at the store.  Would a mobile carrier actually allow you to view your minutes and messages used so you could avoid overages?  What about providing support for Android directly on the phone?

I wonder how many minutes...

T-Mobile has done all that and more with their first Android application “My Account”.  Inside the app you will find heavily requested features such as current activity, bill summary, plan information, online payment, help guides, forums, battery info, storage info, and more.  I’m having a hard time coming up with the words to explain how awesome this application is and it’s only the first release.  If you have the G1, this is a must download.

Who would ever think that T-Mobile would become involved as an Android developer?  They continue to surprise me every couple of months.  I’ve been a T-Mobile customer for years, but I have never been happier to hand them my money.  The G1 is the most useful phone I have ever owned and is the only reason I extended my contract.

With all the useful features and information, I expect this application to become standard on all future T-Mobile Android phones.  I also think this signals T-Mobile’s long term dedication to the Android platform.  While other carriers delay their plans and twiddle their thumbs, T-Mobile continues to innovate in the mobile space.  I’m excited to see what other applications they release to the Android Market.

My Plan and Services Information

While most of the apps on my phone would get labeled as nerd junk, I see My Account appealing to all T-Mobile G1 customers.  Everyone can benefit by seeing their information in real time and I think it’s a new selling point over other phones.  Even if you don’t plan to utilize all the power of Android, the ability to save money from overages is yet another reason to convert.

If you have been following the Android buzz but were waiting for an excuse to jump in, this is it.  With the new low $97 price point on Amazon, you could be holding your new phone tomorrow.  Units were initially on back order, but Amazon has received another big shipment.  Place your order before they are snatched up again.

If you have downloaded and played with My Account, please share your thoughts with us.  What other features would you like to see added?