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5 Android Widgets We Want To See – Plus Cupcake Widget Contest

By now many of you have read (or at least glanced at) the article by Jeff Sharkey describing how to use the new tools in the Android 1.5 SDK to program widgets. The idea of widgets on the homescreens of our Androids got all of us giddy with excitement over here at Android and Me and we began to brainstorm the widgets we want.

1) Calendar / To Do List
This is a no-brainer. It looks like a Calendar Widget example is included in the SDK so we can expect this soon after the new version of the OS “ships” with many versions afterwards from developers featuring their own tweaks.

2) News / Finance / Sports Ticker
A simple RSS reader could scroll headlines, sports scores and stock quotes on your home screen.

3) Control Panel
I imagine this as a panel across the top row that looks like brushed metal with a series of toggle switches on it. Each one would turn on and off  an option buried within Settings. WiFi, 3G, Silent, Airplane Mode, etc.

4) Weather
Weather apps are some of the most popular regardless of phone platform. Naturally we expect to see a weather widget. Ideally it would look like a regular icon but the image would be representative of the weather conditions. The label would be the city name.

5) Photo Slide Show
Static images are nice. Slide shows are even better. Set the increment of time for the photo to change or it changes after an event (such as after every phone call).

We want to hear about what type of widgets you guys would like to see. Reply below and let us know.

Update:  Our friend Darkrift from Android-DLs.com has launched his first Droid Dev Challenge.  Similar to our Android Bounty, he is trying to encourage developers to code widgets for the pending Android 1.5 update.  If you would like to participate, head on over to the contest page and place a donation or leave feedback.

Android 1.5 will bring a flood of new widgets to the Market.

Android 1.5 will bring a flood of new widgets to the Market.

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