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Auriga3D Brings Quake 3 To Android

We know our beloved G1 can run 3D games, but only a few developers like Bendroid have released games to the market.  Currently, we are attempting to port the original Quake engine to Android through our Bounty promotion.  By porting the Quake engine, we hope that developers will use it to create new 3D games for Android.

Thank you to the 15 people who donated to help us raise $215.  Several developers have expressed interest in the project, but no one has stepped up to start the port.  If you would like to help encourage the development of 3D games on Android, please visit our Quake Bounty page and place a donation.

Tonight I received word that EGR Software had their Auriga3D engine running on Android.  Auriga3D is a Quake 3 class rendering engine built with the Typhon framework.  Mike Leahy from ERG Software will be demonstrating the Typhon framework at this weekends CodeCon 2009 in San Francisco.  The presentation will take place at 4:45 PM PST and a live stream is also available.

About Auriga3D:

Auriga3D is a modern open source real time 3D game engine based on EGR Software’s Typhon framework and is entirely written in Java supporting  JOGL / LWJGL OpenGL bindings and Android OpenGL ES for hardware accelerated features. Typhon provides a centralized component framework based on OSGi oriented towards real time applications. Auriga3D is a plugin component to Typhon. Currently, Auriga3D works with Quake3 maps using the standard Quake3 lightmap rendering system. Auriga3D features support for the Scream interactive audio engine developed by EGR Software.

The following is a short video demonstration of a Quake 3 map running on the G1.

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