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5 Twitter Clients: Android Based Tweeting

There are a number of Twitter clients available for your G1 in the Android Market. Each one has different strengths and weaknesses. The one that will work best will depend on how you use Twitter. The five that we will look at here are: Twitdroid, Twit2go, Twitta, TwitterRide, and Twoid.

Twitta Tweets

Twitta Tweets


Twitta is the leanest of these five clients. It takes a mere 121Kb. This stripped down client is great if you want to save space, but supports fewer functions than the other clients. Options are simple, including notification on and off, tweet check interval, notification ringtone, and a checkbox to turn vibration on and off.

Twitta doesn’t support viewing @messages and direct messages as a separate screen. It shows all tweets from your network together. It does support @replies and re-tweeting. The text box to enter your tweets is conveniently located at the bottom of the screen.

This is a great client for people with smaller networks or people with space issues on the G1.

Twoid Tweets

Twoid Tweets


Twoid is a 300Kb Twitter client that is clean and easy to use. It supports viewing of all public tweets, your tweets, viewing a list of followers, and viewing a list of friends. It supports @messages and direct messages. Twoid also supports viewing user profiles and adding keywords to user profiles to assist in filtering tweets.

Twoid has very few options, which may appeal to users who want a simple setup and a simple client. Twoid remembers your login information after the client’s initial start. Other than that, there are simply very easy to use features and functions.

Twit2go Tweets

Twit2go Tweets


At 323Kb, Twit2go is a midsized client with a simple, effective Twitter client that allows a good variety of font size options. It also allows you to select the interval between checks for new tweets. The range of options is from disabled to every three hours.

Twit2go’s update screen offers a running count of remaining characters, a URL shortener, and supports sending a picture taken with the camera. It also supports uploading the last picture taken.

Twidroid Tweets

Twidroid Tweets


Twidroid is a solid Twitter client for the G1. At 605Kb, it is one of the larger clients tested. Tweets are readable and the user avatar is clear. The opening screen is simple and easy to use. In addition to the most recent tweets from your network, there are four buttons across the bottom of the screen. The first button brings up a text box to allow you to send a new tweet. The second button brings up @messages directed to you. The third button takes you to your direct messages. The fourth refreshes the list of tweets.

Twidroid has some very useful features. Just beneath the box where you type your tweet is a pair of buttons. The first allows you to send a picture stored on your memory card. It supports both Phodroid and Twitpic. Image upload quality can be set based on the type of network you are connected to. The second will attach your location to the tweet. The menu key has a direct link to the current buzz on TwitterSphere. You can access your favorite tweets via the menu key. Twidroid also allows you to search tweets.

The settings menu offers a number of useful items. You can choose to be notified of all tweets, or you can select or deselect notifications for general tweets, @messages, or direct messages. The amount of time for tweet checks can range from three minutes to once a day. People who want to manually check for tweets can disable the automatic checking. Shorter check intervals use more battery power. Notifications can be any combination of vibration, LED flashing, or ringtones. A custom ringtone can be set for new tweets.

Twidroid supports a dizzying array of URL shorteners: short.to, tinyurl.com, is.gd, tr.im, and sai.ly. The URL shortener can also be disabled. Other options with Twidroid are larger font sizes, metric units, and a selectable number, between 50 and 250, of last tweets to download. It supports SSL connections and can automatically attach your location to all tweets, including street names in the U.S.. Twidroid allows you to store the cache on your memory card, which leaves a bit more phone memory free for other applications.

TwitterRide Tweets

TwitterRide Tweets


At 808Kb, TwitterRide is the largest of the twitter clients tested. A number of settings can be chosen on login. They include turning auto-refresh of recent tweets on and off and a daemon that checks for new tweets even when the app isn’t running. New tweet checking can be set between 5 minutes and 120 minutes. You can also select your notification types to include vibration and LED Flash. TwitterRide can be set to only notify you of @replies and direct messages.

The TwitterRide screen is clean and usable. Three tabs allow you to see all tweets, @tweets, or direct messages. Touching a tweet brings up a context menu to favorite the tweet, view the user profile, re-tweet, or send a reply or direct message. The settings menu brings up the initial login screen to allow changing of default settings.

The posting screen supports uploading of an existing image or taking a new image with the camera. It also supports a URL shortener.


All of these clients have their strengths and weaknesses. Twidroid makes up for its larger size in its ability to store the cache on the memory card. TwitterRide is simply the most full featured of all of the clients. The two mid-weights have a different balance of features, and would appeal more to people who don’t have huge Twitter networks. Twitta is outstanding for people who either have small networks or who tweet infrequently.

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