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invisiSHIELD by ZAGG: Clear, Formfitting Armor for Your T-Mobile G1

Although I love the protection and grip that the hard BodyGlove case gives my T-Mobile G1 with Android, there is something to be said for the sleek, unprotected look of a G1.With the phone unprotected, I am less envious of the sleek iPhone design. And as a dedicated klutz, I’m also less likely to walk with my phone on anything other than nice, resilient, carpeted surfaces.

When I saw a shop advertising full invisibleSHIELD wraps for G1, I went in. The price of the kit itself wasn’t bad, a little more than on the invisibleSHIELD web site. By chance, the technician had just started an installation on an iPhone. After watching for a few minutes, I realized that I was going to buy the kit and pay the shop another $15.00 to install the wrap.

What sold me was the sleek, glossy finish with a slick, yet very rubbery grip. It adds no bulk to the phone, preserving the design elements. A lifetime guarantee helps a lot. It really is the ultimate in invisible protection. On the off chance that it scratches, invisibleSHIELD will replace the wrap.

In chatting with the technician as he installed my wrap, I learned that the technology is simple. A hard outer shell is bonded to a rubberized back. A special adhesive, water breaks its bond, is applied to the back. The material was originally developed to protect the leading edge of helicopter rotors. I don’t think I will be putting my G1 through the kinds of stresses experienced by rotor blades, but you never know.

It took him about a half hour to install the three pieces of the G1 wrap. One piece protects the screen. A second piece protects the battery cover. The third piece wraps around the lower control area. Just as he was finishing, he groaned. A cat hair from my jacket had blown on to the touch screen. It took another 15 minutes to remove the hair and re-apply the Invisible Shield.

He sent me off with a warning not to put the phone in my pocket for an hour. The adhesive needed that long to dry and cure, it wouldn’t be fully cured for 24 hours. I followed the directions to press hard for 20 seconds on the occasional air bubble that appeared on the back of the soft battery cover, and my wrap shrunk down nicely. I will never again buy or use another bulky G1 cover. In fact, in the future, I will customize wraps to fit other electronic devices. I’m sold. I’ve gone from being curious to being an evangelist.

Would I attempt to install an the cover myself? Absolutely. By following the included directions, installation is very simple.

I tried photographing the installed shield, but it wouldn’t actually show up in web resolution images. Aside from a change from the phone’s native matte finish to a nice gloss, the invisibleSHIELD is, well, invisible.

Is there a down side? Sure. The wrap interferes with the other cases that I’ve collected, but that is the only one I can find. The feel of the phone and touch screen are actually better than completely unprotected. It doesn’t provide the same level of impact damage that a heavy shell gives, but I suppose that’s why I have phone insurance. The sleek black phone that appears when I reach in my pocket has given a few iPhone users G1 envy.

Visit Amazon.com to purchase the invisibleSHIELD for $17.04 with free Prime shipping.


invisibleSHIELD by ZAGG: Clear, Formfitting Armor for Your T-Mobile G1

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