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Musical Brings Multitouch Instruments To Android

Multitouch browsing has been available for several months to Android root users.  Outside of pinch zooming, there has been little use for it.  Developers have finally begun to target this feature and a recent update to Musical, from Christopher Souvey, now includes multitouch support.

Tuning up my Ukulele.

Tuning up my Ukulele.

This joins a handful of other paid applications that are marketing to root users.  We have seen T-Mobile crack down on certain applications, but they are content to allow multiple apps for people with hacked phones.  The future remains uncertain at this point for rooted phones, but I have seen nothing from Google that would make me think they are in danger.

Musical Pro provides several tools in addition to three instruments.  The tools offered consist of a metronome, pitch pipe, and tuner.  With the next major update of Android, a real tuner with microphone support is planned.  Playable instruments include a piano, keyboard, and drums.  The keyboard and piano include many sound categories with several instruments in each group:

  • Piano
  • Chromatic Percussion
  • Organ
  • Guitar
  • Bass
  • Strings
  • Ensemble
  • Brass
  • Reed
  • Pipe
  • Synth Lead
  • Synth Pad
  • Synth Effects
  • Ethnic
  • Percussion
  • Sound Effects
The keyboard has two rows of keys.

The keyboard has two rows of keys.

The drum kit includes a hi-hat, kick, rim, and snare.  Using two fingers, you can play any combination of the four sounds.  For its first release, the multitouch support works quite well.  I did not have any problems with the screen recognizing my touches.  The sounds effects are responsive and crisp.  I’m excited to see what else the developer can do with multitouch.  He has released quite a few updates for Musical and still has many features on his wish list.  Users can expect more instruments, recording virtual instruments, and rythm-based games.

A Lite version of Musical is also available for free.  For $1.99, the Pro version adds the tuner and drum kit.  If you enjoy the free version, please purchase the Pro edition to help support the developer as he works to include new features.  I paid for the Pro version and I’m leaving it installed in anticipation of games one day.  What other instruments or features would you like to see in a musical application?

The follwing is a video demonstration of the multitouch drum kit.

[YouTube Link]

Tune an instrument or play one with Musical for Android.

Tune an instrument or play one with Musical for Android.

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