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Time Tracker: Where Does The Time Go?

Do you need to track time spent on a number of projects? TimeTracker, available in the Android Market, does an excellent job of keeping track of how much time is spent on a particular project.

TimeTracker all time stats.

TimeTracker all time stats.

TimeTracker’s simple interface and ease of use makes it an ideal tool for keeping track of your time on your T-Mobile G1 with Google. Projects are added on the main screen. Once a project has been added, touching that project places a check mark next to the project’s total time. The total time displayed can be set to Today, This Week, Yesterday, Last Week, or All. You can also select a custom date range for the total time display.

Long touching a project allows you to edit the project, delete the project, or show the individual times in the selected total range. If you have forgotten to indicate when work on a project has started, time worked can be manually entered from the Show times screen.

TimeTracker offers a handy 7-day weekly report of all projects and all time spent. This is useful for identifying projects that are being neglected, or projects that are taking more time than anticipated.

Handy features of TimeTracker include the ability to export a view to a .csv file for import into another application and the ability to back the database up on the G1′s SD card. It also allows the setting of the week start day to either Monday or Tuesday. TimeTracker includes a good built-in help, but is so easy to use that it almost isn’t necessary.

Weekly summary for TimeTracker

Weekly summary for TimeTracker

As a free app, TimeTracker is very much worth the price and is one of those apps that makes tracking multiple projects and clients very easy. It is definitely a 5-star app.

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