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50 Screenshots of JesusFreke’s Android 1.5 Cupcake Build

The cupcake update for Android has been rolling out over the last few days, but many users have yet to receive it.  One of the benefits of installing a custom Android build is the ability to choose when you upgrade.  There have been quite a few custom releases based on the cupcake branch including The Dude’s and Haykuro’s, but I have been waiting for Jesusfreke to upload his build.

While checking his blog tonight, I happened to see a post “When is your 1.5 coming out?” which is exactly what I was thinking.  To my surprise, the post actually included his latest release.  I downloaded it right away and was up and running in minutes.  The new features of this custom build according to Jesusfreke:

  • I’m now including a much better Superuser app, courtesy of zinx
  • I’ve rebuilt the kernel and enabled netfilter support, to allow tethering. I recommend aNetShare
  • You can see/download both paid and protected apps in the market
  • Luke’s multitouch kernel patch and browser patch have been ported to the .27 kernel and 1.5 browser.
  • Support for the “apps to sdcard” hack. There’s not a separate “apps to sdcard” build. You can use the same build whether you are doing apps to sdcard or not. Thanks to haykuro for explaining how he’s done this in his images, so I can make my builds compatible. See here for a tutorial on setting this up.
  • I’m not including a recovery image in this build. I ran into some snags getting all of the recovery features to work with the 1.5 recovery image, so I’ll forgo that for now. If you don’t have a spiffy recovery image yet, I’ve packaged up the most recent recovery image from JFv1.43 as a separate update.

I wiped my phone when upgrading so I could have a clean install.  The phone feels very snappy with the 1.5 update and has many visual tweaks.  Rather than run down everything, this time I decided to snap a bunch of screen shots.  There are over 50 screen shots uploaded to our Flick account.  I’m working to go back and add descriptions, but if you have a question just post a comment on the photo and I will respond.

If you are interested in learning more about Jesusfreke and his Android builds, he did a short interview with us several months ago.  I’m going to see if he will sit down again and answer a few more questions.  If you have anything you would like me to ask, post a comment below and I will review it.

Visit our Flickr page for over 50 screenshots.

Visit our Flickr page for over 50 screenshots.

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