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Creating Custom Rules With Toggle Settings For Android

Toggle Settings is quickly becoming one of my favorite Android applications.  It allows you to toggle virtually any setting on your phone with a single swipe and click.  The latest version now supports custom rules which allow you to control your settings based on a number of factors.  Once you learn to create a custom rule, the possibilities are endless with what you can customize.

The current settings available to toggle are:

Pick and choose what toggles to display

Pick and choose what toggles to display

  • Airplane mode
  • Auto sync
  • Bluetooth
  • Fast Bright
  • GPS
  • Lock Screen
  • Screen never timeout
  • Silent mode
  • WiFi
  • 2G/3G network
  • Brightness
  • Ringer mode
  • Screen timeout
  • Volume control

To give an example of how rules work, we will create a simple set to toggle the screen brigthness based on time of day.  I often turn my brightness to zero when it gets dark in order to save my eyes and battery.  In the day time, I like to keep the brightness around half so that the screen is still visible when I’m outside.  You could change the settings manually, use a toggle application, or create custom rules to set it and forget it.

Rules work by applying a specified profile when a predefined criteria is met.  We will start by making two custom profiles; one for brightness at zero and the other for brightness at half.  Then we will create a rule to apply the zero brigthness at night time and the half brightness during the day.

1. Create a profile for zero brightness and half brightness

In the current version of Toggle Settings, you are unable to create a custom profile.  However, you get 11 profiles which can be renamed and modified.

You can rename a profile to easily identify it.

You can rename a profile to easily identify it.

  • Launch Toggle Settings and press Menu > Customize
  • Click Profiles to view the list of profiles
  • Select any profile to customize it
  • Press Menu > Rename Profile to assign a custom name
  • Click “Add new Toggle/Setting”, select Brightness, then press back
  • Click Brightness and move the slider all the way to zero

To create a profile for half brightness, repeat the steps above on a different profile.  It does not matter which profiles you use.  Any profile can be renamed and given custom toggle settings.

2. Add new rule to toggle the custom profiles

After you have the two profiles created for the different brightness levels, it is time to create a rule.

The final result of my brightness rules.

The final result of my brightness rules.

  • Launch Toggle Settings and press Menu > Customize
  • Find Rules and click it to begin
  • Click Add new rule
  • Pick the criteria to toggle the rule – we want Time in this example
  • When the rule is added, click it again to set the Time, Active Profile, and Repeat Schedule
  • For this example, I picked 8PM, Zero Brightness Profile, and repeat every day
  • Press back and make sure the check box is clicked to activate the rule
  • Press back again until you exit the customize options and see “Saving Preferences”

Repeat the previous steps to create a separate rule for the half brightness profile.  I chose to apply the rule at 8AM, which is when I normally leave for work.  Now my brightness goes to zero when the sun sets and returns to half when I leave for work.  No longer do I need to worry about changing the settings myself or wasting the button presses.

What kind of creative rules can you come up with?

Toggle Settings (Cupcake) for Android
Version: 2.0.5
Developed By: cooolmagic
Price: FREE
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