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Record And Share Videos To YouTube With The T-Mobile G1 (VIDEO)

After months of patiently waiting, the Android 1.5 Cupcake update has finally begun rolling out to T-Mobile G1 customers.  We reported last week that the new version would include a video recorder with support for uploading your videos to YouTube.  It sounds like a cool idea, but what is the video quality like?

We asked some of readers to send in their videos and you can find the results below.  As you can see, the video quality is decent.  However, the frame rates are low and the picture quality really suffers in low light situations.  Basically, it looks comparable to the cheapest webcam you could find at Walmart.

Seeing how this is a new feature that did not originally ship with the phone, it is a welcome addition.  Hopefully the performance can be tweaked over time.  We have seen improvements to the camera and I expect we will have some apps in the market soon that improve upon the default video recorder.

There is no doubt that the camera is one of the G1′s weak points.  Some might excuse it, but we deserve more from high end phones.  Thankfully, we have quite a few Android devices hitting later this year that will address this issue.  We also have high hopes for Sony Ericsson with their 12.1MP camera and LG with their 120 fps camera.

If you would like to share your G1 video uploads with us, please post a comment below.

Every G1 owner now has a YouTube account.

Every G1 owner now has a YouTube account.

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