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T-Mobile, JesusFreke, Haykuro, or TheDudes? Android Build Information Chart and Poll

Every time we get a new official Android release, the number of custom builds grows.  With all the different builds out there, it can be hard to keep up with the changes in each one.  Many people have been asking me which is the best release.  Normally I tell them to try out several builds and see which they like.  I still believe that is the best method to finding a build you are happy with.

If only we had a cheat sheet to show us all the differences…

Thankfully, user SimonNWalker from XDA has posted an extensive list that includes all the current builds available for flashing.  Remember when changing builds, you need to perform a wipe is most cases. Read the instructions for each individual build.  Backup your data and always have access to a card reader.  Browse it over to get a good idea of what build you might like to try next.

Update: Site has moved to

While we are on the subject of Android builds, several readers requested this poll and I thought it was a good time with the recent updates.  Tell us which build you are running and why.  Do you like the extra features included in Haykuros releases or do you prefer a plain vanilla ADP build?

Poll link for RSS readers.

What are the differences in each build of Android?

What are the differences in each build of Android?

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