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The Sims 3 for Android – New Information from EA Mobile at Google I/O

While EA wasn’t able to video demo the game, they were nice enough to give us a bit of info to hold us over. We talk with Vikram Saraf who discusses new gameplay features and performance adjustments for the mobile platform.

Sims 3 is scheduled for a June 2nd release date on PC and Mac with the Android release to follow.

If you’d rather read, I’ve transcribed his words below (very slightly paraphrased).

“The Sims 3 is going to be one of our flagship products that is being launched across EA globally, all platforms PC, Mac, and we’re also going to be bring it to mobile as well. As Android’s a new platform and our future technology team has been working long and hard to bring Sims to the Android market in time for the launch itself. So essentially what we’ve done is taken a lot of the fun game play elements that you can find on the PC version and at the same time provide a lightweight version for mobile. The user can still create and customize a Sim like you can in the PC version as well as going through the day to day tasks of managing your Sim’s needs and dependencies as well as implementing goal oriented game play which allows the user to feel like there is some achievement working against infinite game play. We’ve made automatic goal adjustments with new “wish list” functionality that will allow the user to say “I want to find a new girlfriend,” and that will be a task for him or her to workout and unlock the next goal. Sims 3 right now is scheduled in a beta state. Right now, its a release candidate, we are fine tuning the performance optimization and touch response so that when we get it to the Market it will be an experience all users like. And check out ”

-Vikram Saraf

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