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60 Screens From Rogers HTC G1 Android Phone

Haykuro, the 17 year old Android whiz, has done it again and released another coveted Android build.  This time he has the Rogers HTC G1 a full day before the official release.  I decided to flash the build and see what is different.  In order to get this out as quick as possible, I decided to upload a bunch of screenshots to Flickr.

Screenshots of Rogers HTC G1 Build

Notable updates include:

  • Microsoft Exchange Support
  • PDF Viewer
  • Quickoffice for MS docs
  • Full T9 support
  • and more

I have used the T9 keyboard for some texting and it works perfect.  This is the T9 I have been screaming for ever since I first got my G1.  Hopefully, this gets ported over to the official T-Mobile Android builds one day.  The build also has a mini qwerty keypad as well.

PDF Viewer works with no issues.  You can zoom, jump to new pages, and more.  Again, this has been added to several of the other custom Android builds.

I tried the Quickoffice app and found it would only open older Microsoft Office files.  Any of the newer docx files will not work.  Once a file is open, you can only view it.

Looking to flash a custom build?  Check out the Android ROM Build Information Database.  As always, backup your data and use at your own risk.

If anyone has any special request for the Rogers build, I still have it loaded on my G1.  Drop a comment or message me on Twitter @androidandme.

If you want to stay up to date on the latest Android leaks, be sure to follow @haykuro on Twitter.

[Via android-dls.com Thanks Justin]

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