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Camera Pro: High End Functions in an Android Camera

One of the things that was surprising to many people was the simplicity of the camera in T-Mobile’s G1. The Android platform always seemed ideal for a really feature-rich camera, which isn’t what the G1 shipped with. Even the camera in the Cupcake OS release is a little weak.

Camera Pro is an app that replaces the built-in camera app that adds an incredible number of really useful features. The first is zoom. Camera Pro offers a sliding zoom level. The app uses digital zoom. With digital zoom, the camera doesn’t physically zoom. It crops the image to include only the image area included on the LCD. When zooming in, the camera actually crops a lower resolution image from the overall image that is seen by the camera. This process is seamless to the user, so appears to be a zoom function. In spite of its potential resolution problems, this zoom feature is outstanding, fast, and a very welcome addition to the G1.

The second higher end function is white balance. White balance adjusts for the varying color temperatures of different types of light. Incorrectly set white balance is the reason that many photographs taken under incandescent lights look yellow and others under fluorescent lights look blue. Although Auto is quite good, in some cases you may want to set manual white balance. Camera Pro supports white balance for Incandescent, Fluorescent, Daylight, Cloudy, Twilight and Shade.

Camera Pro also offers a number of compositional aids. Compositional aids are: Crosshairs, Circle, Golden Ratio, and a very cool function that uses the G1s accelerometer to correctly photograph straight horizons.

Although many of the filters are extreme, and as a result of limited usefulness, Camera Pro has a number of filters. The most useful ones are Mono and Sepia. In addition to these two filters, the following filters are supplied: Negative, Solarize, Pastel, Mosaic, Posterize, Whiteboard, Blackboard and Aqua.

Camera Pro can be set to replace the default camera app. It supports a number of other useful functions, like default image size and JPG quality. The default white balance and default filter can also be set from the app settings.

Camera Pro is a reasonable $1.99 in the Android Market and is a very good, very capable replacement for the default camera app.

A full list of features includes:

  • Digital Zoom(up to 4x)
  • Effect filters(b/w, sepia, aqua,…)
  • Whitebalance
  • Grid lines (using acceleroemeters, golden ration,…)
  • Stability, autofocus
  • Just tap screen for a snap shot
  • Sending photo via email/MMS
Camera Pro for Android
Version: 1.1
Developed By: Swiss Codemonkeys
Price: €1.49 ($2.08)
Filesize: 111KB
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