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Introducing the Android Network Awards

Your favorite Android websites have banded together to bring you the Android Network Awards! We’re creating a community based awards for the best of the best Android Apps for Android fans to vote on. Their will be 25-30 categories with 5-7 App nominees per category.

An aggressive time line was chosen to finish shortly after the myTouch 3G launch.  A wave of new Android users is about to join our ranks and we want to help them find the best apps.  We also want to highlight all the great Android developers and give them the recognition they deserve.

Android Network Awards Site Involved so far:

More of your favorite Android websites joining soon…

Preliminary List of Categories (Updated 7/16 still tweaking)

1. Best Widget
2. Best Media Player
3. Best Entertainment app
4. Best Social Networking App
5. Best Finance app
6. Best VoiceMail App
7. Best Use of Barcode
8. Best Weather Utility
9. Best Twitter App
10. Best Reference app
11. Best WOW Factor App
12. Best Email App
13. Best Organization/Productivity App
14. Best security app
15. Best sports app
16. Best GPS app
17. Best streaming music app
18. Best utility app
19. Best fitness app
20. Favorite developer or dev team
21. Best custom build of Android
22. Best hack
23. Best home replacement app
24. Best shopping app
25. Best camera app
26. Best Casual game
27. Best Arcade game
28. Best Puzzle game
29. Best Card/Casino game
30. Best UI design

We need your help tweaking the final list, so suggest some categories in the comments!

Below is the preliminary itinerary:

Date Event
7/14 Announce promotion on AndroidGuys.com podcast. Android Network Awards Committee begins to select 25 categories.
7/15 Announce Android Network Awards across all network sites.
7/20* Top 25 categories are announced with up to 5 entries picked by the committee. Public nominations begin for any apps missed.
7/27* Announce the official 5-7 entries for each of the 25 categories. Create polls and share embed codes.
8/03* Final Voting begins across all network sites.
8/10* Announce Android Network Awards Winners!

*Dates subject to change

More Resources for the Android Network Awards

We’re in the process of setting up an centralized website for the voting and poll widgets here: http://androidnetworkawards.com

Any Android website is welcome to join, help promote and participate… find out more and join our Google Group!

The Android Network Awards is a community wide effort.

The Android Network Awards is a community wide effort.

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