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Top selling Android apps and games for June 2009

I was recently posting weekly Top 10 lists for paid Android games.  Readers seemed to like them so I have brought them back.  From now on, we will be reviewing the best selling Android applications and games each month.  As you will find, many are missing reviews and I would like to tackle that next.

Top 10 Applications

Rank Previous Game Price Developer Review
1 (…) Advanced Task Manager $0.99 Arron La Coming Soon
2 (…) Snap Photo Pro $0.99 Bratag Coming Soon
3 (…) Power Manager $0.99 X-Phone Yes
4 (…) My Backup Pro $4.99 RerWare Coming Soon
5 (…) Open Home $3.99 Better Android Coming Soon
6 (…) Bluex $1.98 Xela AndroSoft Coming Soon
7 (…) Better Cut $1.99 Better Android Coming Soon
8 (…) Documents to Go $19.99 DataViz Yes
9 (…) Better Keyboard $2.99 Better Android Coming Soon
10 (…) aHome $4.99 mAPPn Coming Soon

A quick look at the top apps reveals some interesting info.  The top 3 selling titles were all priced under $1.  After that, the prices vary based on the demand for the application.  Backing up your data and document support are two highly requested features and those developers can charge more for their apps.

Better Android has continued to do well with 3 apps in the top 10.  Open Home continues to be the most popular home replacement.  We have been a fan of their work and created some skins for Better Keyboard.  Customizing the look of your Android phone is a popular trend and they have benefited from this greatly.

The rest of the top selling apps each address issues where Android is lacking.  Snap Photo Pro improves upon the basic camera software.  Bluex unlocks bluetooth file transfer for root users.  Advanced Task Manager allows you to close all running applications.  The community has demonstrated over and over that they will fill the gaps the official operating system is missing.

Top 10 Games

Rank Previous Game Price Developer Review
1 (…) Robo Defense $2.99 Lupis Labs Yes
2 (…) Nesoid $2.99 yongzh Video
3 (…) Jewellust $2.95 Smartpix Games Video
4 (…) Snesoid $2.99 yongzh Video
5 (…) Abduction! World Attack $2.00 Phil Symonds Coming Soon
6 (…) Labyrinth $4.93 Illusion Labs Coming Soon
7 (…) Gensoid $2.99 yongzh Coming Soon
8 (…) Retro Defense $2.99 Larva Labs Yes
9 (…) Air Hockey $1.00 JJCgames Coming Soon
10 (…) Baseball Superstars 2009 $5.95 GAMEVIL Inc. Coming Soon

Tower defense games remain popular on Android.  Retro Defense was once the top selling game, but has now been replaced by Robo Defense.  I believe Robo Defense has succeeded based on the outstanding support from the developer Lupis Labs.

Eight of the Top 10 games sell for under $3.  This appears to be the current sweet spot for Android games.  It looks like several developers have recognized this and lowered the price of their titles.

With the small library of current games, users have opted for emulators which can play your favorite ROMs from the past.  Android developer yongzh has three top selling titles with Nesoid, Snesoid, and Gensoid.  If Sega or Nintendo ever decided to join the Android team, they could really profit from some of their older titles.

Note:  These stats from from aTrackDog which reports installed apps on users phones.  It can be hard to judge an app on total number of downloads because many users uninstall their apps.  This data reports what is currently installed on phones and gives a more accurate picture.  Visit the aTrackDog site for more information.

Have you checked out these best selling apps for Android?

Have you checked out these best selling apps for Android?

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