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3D FPS game on Android? Meet Project Chronos

A reader just sent in this video that previews an upcoming game named Project Chronos.  Details are scarce, but I wanted to share it because we don’t see too many 3D games on Android.  The game is a first person shooter in full 3D that centers around the realities of war.  Other than Bendroid, not many developers have figured out OpenGL ES on Android.  Hopefully, this is a sign of more great looking games to come.  Check back later this week when we get some more details on Project Chronos.

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  1. markGuest 6 years ago

    who is the company behind this beautiful piece of work?

  2. GeorgeGuest 6 years ago

    I hope they make more great 3D games like this. A GTA game would be really cool. Or some cool RPG games. I hope soon that big game developers like EA, Activision, Sega, Midway, and even Nintendo(though i highly doubt they would) contribute games to the Android market.

  3. royGuest 6 years ago

    I don’t understand why these developpers don’t just use the android platform and try to port iPhone games.

    We have these great features, tilt-sensor, touchscreen, trackball, use them!

    It seems most logical to me as a fan of shooters to use the tilt sensor to move, a touchpad in de lower left corner to look around and the trackball to precisely aim (assisting the touchpad) and fire.

    • DaphGuest 6 years ago

      Porting any iPhone program to Android is an outright bitch. In fact, it’s not really even “porting” at this point. The iPhone SDK uses Objective-C and the Android SDK uses Java. Two completely different programming languages which means anything written for the iPhone has to be completely rewritten to work on Android, and vice versa.

      • marcusmaximusGuest 6 years ago

        Not to mention that they use vastly different hardware. Most iPhone games require multitouch because there are no other buttons on it. Since the G1 doesn’t (officially) have multitouch they’d have to completely rework their control schemes.

      • UncleJimboGuest 5 years ago

        There’s a way to ease the port of an Android game to iPhone ( I like it this way around, because it means coding in Java :) ), it’s called iSpectrum (

        On their website there’s an impressive video of a 3D game ported using this tool. (plus, it’s free for open source project… which is great)

      • EspenGuest 5 years ago

        Except that games like this on Android isn’t coded in Java but C++

  4. KubaGuest 6 years ago

    hehe looks like it’s polish, besides i’m proud, it’s nothing weird that scenery is kind of Nazi :)

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  7. jeepsGuest 6 years ago

    ‘Bout damn time!

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  11. DanielGuest 6 years ago

    It’s looks like polish work, in the top right corner in menu, we see Gadu-Gadu APP – this is most popular instant messaging client in Poland.

  12. DanielGuest 6 years ago

    Now I know – yes it is polish game…

    See topic on this forum:

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  16. jagGuest 6 years ago

    It seems like for G1 users, a better control scheme would be to use the keyboard for forward, backward, and strafing. Then use the trackball for aim.

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  18. DamianGuest 5 years ago

    3D Native games started arriving to android this week with Raging Thunder, Wave Blazer and Armageddon Squadron by developer Polarbit. They said they would be releasing a new FPS on Android tomorrow, Toonwarz.

  19. LukeGuest 5 years ago

    how do i get this game

  20. SteveGuest 5 years ago

    Where do you get this game download?

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  22. savanGuest 5 years ago

    How can i get this game?????

  23. terrinGuest 4 years ago

    This is crap. Go to gamelofts website. Sandstorm is amazing and nova is good but it gets annoying but the graphics controlls and everything are waaaaaaaay better.

  24. BOBGuest 4 years ago

    Is this coming on the android market if so when?

  25. KubaforumGuest 3 years ago

    I take pleasure in, cause I discovered just what I was having a look for. You’ve ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

  26. hiGuest 3 years ago

    How do you download this thing?