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Storm your brain with Totemo

It is no secret that Android is seriously lacking in the games department.  A quick look at the best selling titles for last month reveals a list filled with emulators.  There are however a few developers that have risen to the top.  Hexage is one of the few teams that has been able to push the current Android hardware and produce some exceptional work.

The first title we saw from Hexage was Buka.  I took a liking to this game because it took advantage of touch and motion controls, was easy to pick up and learn, and beautiful to look at.  The game continued to improve even after it was released with several updates from Hexage.  They listened to feedback from the community and implemented new features to extend the replay value.  Buka continues to remain in the best selling games list three months after its release.

Fans of Android games are in for a treat because Hexage now has three new titles in development.  This past weekend I got a chance to preview their next release.  Totemo is puzzle game designed to train the brain and relax the mind at the same time.  The game is a complete departure from the fast paced Buka, but has the same quirky characters and polished feel.

I’m not going to reveal too much of the gameplay, because this is a sneak peek and I want you to play the game when it comes out.  Normally I’m not a fan of puzzle games, but I’ve had a lot of fun with Totemo so far.  Challenges start off easy enough that any casual gamer can pick up and play.  The difficulty gradually increases and there are over 60 levels to complete in the story mode.  Once you master the game, you can move onto survival mode and compete for the highest score on the online leaderboard.

To get a feel of the game’s atmosphere, check out the teaser video below.  Look for Totemo in the Market as soon as the Android Developers Challenge (ADC2) submission site goes up.

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  1. UlfGuest 6 years ago

    Im looking forward for the release of this promising game :) When will it be released? There should be more developers like hexage and Smartpix Games.

  2. PaulGuest 6 years ago

    When does the site go live? I see it’s open to applications/games not submitted prior to August 1st. It’s past August so release already I need a good puzzle game =)

  3. Maywood MonsterGuest 6 years ago

    Looks totally lame

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  6. birdGuest 5 years ago

    ive been playing the lite version for the past 2 days now and I still cant pass level 12 can anyone give me a hint on how to pass the last level if I do i plan on purchasing the the full version

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