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T-Mobile releases My Account 2.0 for Android with new features

5 years ago 14

T-Mobile has updated their popular My Account application to version 2.0 to coincide with the new myTouch 3g launch.  The application features a brand new look and multiple new features that T-Mobile customers will love.  If you are an Android user, this app is a must have.

Depending on what phone you have, My Account will have a different look and features.  New owners of the myTouch 3G will be greated by a different flash screen.  Other changes for myTouch users include a live chat with T-Mobile support and various videos on getting to know your new phone.

My Account has now been divided into two separate sections, Account Info and Device Info.  Each section has four different tabs that allow you to perform various actions.

Account Info

  • Activity – View your current minutes and messages used.
  • Alerts – Set up alerts for minute usage, message usage, payment reminder, and power saver.
  • Billing – View your current billing summary, make a payment, and view payment history.
  • Plans & Services – View your current minutes plan and any additional services.

Device Info

  • Personalize – Get wallpapers, ringtones, and CallerTunes.
  • Quick Tools – Toggle WiFi, Auto-sync, Bluetooth, data roaming and GPS.  Adjust brightness and screen timeout.
  • Tips & Tricks – View top questions, browse help topics, visit T-Mobile forums, or chat with a T-Mobile representative (myTouch only).
  • Storage & Battery – View current storage levels for internal memory and SD card.  Also displays detailed battery information.

My favorite new feature is the alerts system.  Most wireless carriers want to hit you up with overage charges, but T-Mobile actually warns you when you are getting close to your minute and message limits.  I wish I had this feature on my phone years ago since I’ve been hit with  countless extra fees.  Major props to T-Mobile for providing this information to their customers.

MyTouch 3G users will also enjoy the live support chat.  This allows customers to login to an official T-Mobile chat system and ask questions about their account or technical issues.  I tried to test this feature out, but never got an official representative to respond.  I’m not sure if it’s because I have a hacked phone or I was attempting this at 3 AM.

I would have brought you this story sooner, but T-Mobile has currently blocked hacked phones from using the application.  If you have a custom build of Android flashed on your phone, check out the XDA forums for a version of My Account that works on any phone model.  T-Mobile also recently updated the app to version 2.0.1 to remove any mention of the new Motorola Cliq that we reported on last week.