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Any Mobile, Anytime – Sprint announces new Hero perks

If you weren’t thinking of switching to Sprint to get the HTC Hero back when it was announced, the “Now” Network just sweetened the pot with 2 fatted calves and a goat. Sprint just announced their new plan including calling any mobile phone on any provider. That’s right, you can call all of your buddies on AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile for free. The only stipulation to the plan is that you have their Everything Data plan, which starts at 69.99. The Palm Pre owners will flip for this information, but it is the excited Android lovers thinking of jumping ship that will go for a dive to swim up on Sprint’s shore for this. The plan is known as simply the Any Mobile, Anytime plan.

Prices range from $69.99 - 99.99

Prices range from $69.99 - 99.99

So, if you didn’t care for the Sprint HTC Hero, or Sprint how does this make you feel now? Ready to become a member of the Now network or will you hold off to see how this all goes? Let us know.

[via Sprint]

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