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Android rumor report: Donut, Sholes, and Tao

People either love it or hate it when we post Android “rumors”. No large company will ever comment on product that has not been announced, so there is no way to officially confirm this information. However, we have a lot of friends from these companies and they like to talk. Whenever I get a juicy rumor from a reliable inside source, I will share it and let you decide how credible we have been.

The follow is a collection of tips we have received over the last few days:

Rumor 1: As of next week, Motorola is expanding the rollout of developer units of the Sholes by a factor of 3. There should hopefully be more info in the wild shortly after the new batch of them go out to testers at Motorola and Google. Also, a Motorola representative was dispatched to Google’s (removed) building last Friday, with a briefcase carried under guard. Said briefcase did not happen to have any Sholes in it, but something even newer by the Moto crew. I’m not sure what. Yet.

Comment: This is in line with what I have been hearing. The “Sholes” hardware is practically finished and Motorola and Google are working to finish off Android 2.0. This batch of new units could offer a slight hardware refresh. We first reported the “Sholes” would feature 512 MB of internal storage, but later speculated it could be as high as 16 GB. I have no idea what the new hardware is, but we did report that Motorola is working on 10 Android phones.

Rumor 2: Donut should be released by Google by the end of next week. It will be made available to (but not necessarily released in an update) T-Mobile and HTC in phone images. This is assuming the schedule doesn’t slip yet again.

Comment: Once again, this confirms what we have been hearing from other sources. Much of the Android 1.6 code is already available in the AOSP, so this is no surprise. Once T-Mobile has the images, it should be a month before we see the OTA update. Look to late October for the official Android 1.6 rollout.

Rumor 3: The Sholes’s CPU officially supports Neon. Granted, this is very weak news by itself, until you know what Neon is but if you’re a developer looking forward to making use of it, it’ll make you jump for joy.

Comment: We already reported this back in August and now another source confirms it. You can read more about Neon technology on the Arm site.

Rumor 4: The Motorola “Sholes” will launch on Verizon as the Motorola Tao.

Comment: I’ve seen some internal documents from Motorola that had the phone name blocked out and it was only three letters, so Tao is a definite possibility. Give me a couple hours and I should be able to confirm this with another source.

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