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Hands on new Android Market

The Android Market is finally getting a face-lift with the upcoming Android 1.6 (Donut) update. Along with the new look comes some much requested features. We think the update is long overdue, but we are overjoyed that Google is finally allocating more resources to improve the Market experience.

Highlights of the new Market include:

  • At the homescreen, users can choose among Apps, Games, and Downloads.
  • Inside a category, users can explore titles that are Top paid, Top free, and Just in.
  • For each title, users can now see screenshots submitted by developers in addition to reviews from other users.

Thanks to the latest experimental CyanogenMod I had a chance to play around with the new Market. I snapped a bunch of screen shots and made the gallery below. The simplified look is nice, but outside of the screenshots there are not many new features to report. About the only thing I could find was comments marked as spam now instantly disappear.

Hopefully, this is just the beginning of many more updates to come. We know expanded payment options are somewhere on the roadmap and I have heard enhanced application discovery is also in the works.

If you could add one new feature to the Android Market, what would it be?

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