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aTumble: mobile Tumblr client for Android

If you haven’t heard yet, Tumblr is micro blogging done right. Think the ease of posting to Twitter with the features of WordPress. The main draw of Tumblr are the various post types. It has specific styles and settings for text posts, image posts, quotes, links, etc. Signing up takes seconds and you can post to your Tumblr via email. Friends can share Tumblelogs (a Tumblr blog) and all post to one central location.

All these things make Tumblr ripe for mobile use and to test things out we’ve set up our travel blog with Tumblr.

aTumble dashboard

aTumble dashboard

To keep our Tumblr updated, Taylor and I are both using aTumble by Stupid Ventures. If you are familiar with Tumblr, you should be right at home in the aTumble interface. When you open aTumble, you are given a list of post types to choose from (all using the original Tumblr icons). At time of this publication, aTumble supports Text, Photo, Quote, Link, and Conversation posts (Tumblr also has audio and video posts, both which are missing in aTumble).

With a Tumblr account, its easy to start and join multiple Tumblelogs. aTumble makes jumping around different Tumblelogs a breeze. Once you sign in with your Tumblr account, a list of your Tumblelogs are displayed and you are given the option to set one as your default.

Text post

Text post

Writing posts and updating photos couldn’t be simpler. From the aTumble homescreen you pick your post type and are given a specific form (text posts get a title and body text field, photo posts like you upload a pic or grab one from a URL, etc).

As you can probably see in the screens, the interface leaves a little bit to be desired, but the simplicity makes using the app very easy. Another sore spot is the aTumble dashboard (which hangs and freezes sometimes). It doesn’t bother me because I never find myself using the dashboard, even online on Tumblr.

While traveling I’ve had my connection drop and a post not make it through but aTumble displayed an intelligent error message and gave me another shot at updating (every app should be able to handle errors, but some still manage to get it wrong).

aTumble is available now for $0.99, a fair price for this handy app. In the future I’d love to see an updated UI and some more features added but for now aTumble is more than capable of handling my Tumblr needs.

Clark is a developer living in Austin, Texas. He runs ClarkLab, a small web firm with his wife, Angie. He's a big fan of usability, standards, and clean design.

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