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Top selling Android apps and games for September 2009

Welcome back to our monthly report of the top selling Android applications and games.  We like to track the most popular mobile software in order to see if we can identify any trends in the Android world.  The official Android Market is misleading with their most popular list, so we grab our stats from aTrackDog.  Let’s get to the lists and see what’s hot.

Top 10 Applications

Rank Previous Game Price Developer
1 (1) Advanced Task Manager $0.99 Arron La
2 (3) My Backup Pro $4.99 RerWare
3 (4) Snap Photo Pro $0.99 Bratag
4 (6) Documents to Go $29.99 DataViz
5 (2) Bluex $2.91 Xela AndroSoft
6 (5) Weather Widgets $1.49 Android Apps
7 (9) PicSay Pro $2.85 Shinycore
8 (8) Better Keyboard $2.99 Better Android
9 (7) Power Manager $0.99 X-Phone
10 (NEW) Taskiller Full $1.02 Thibaut Nicola

Advanced Task Manager remains the most popular paid application and it shows no signs of slowing down. The developer Arron La recently updated his app to support Android 1.6 and is promising a “major update” in the next release. I personally love the app and consider it a must have for all Android users.

Documents to Go continues to climb the charts. They recently updated their app to version 2.0 which added support for Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe PDF files. Their latest update also reduced the application size by 25% and now supports eight languages. Dataviz offers a free version of Documents to go which allows users the ability to view Word and Excel files.

Bluex dropped three spots because the application does not support Android 1.6. Developers need to be ahead of the curve if they want to remain at the top of the best selling list.

Power Manager has fallen hard the last couple of months and I expect it will be off the charts next time. The latest Android 1.6 update adds several enhancements to improve battery life. The new Battery Use report in Android 1.6 displays exactly which applications and functions are eating up battery.

Finally, one trend I have noticed among the top selling apps is the ability to purchase the app from a source other than Android Market. Some developers have chosen alternative markets like SlideME and others are offering direct purchase from their website. Many countries still lack the ability to purchase paid applications from the Android Market so it is important to provide other payment options.

Top 10 Games

Rank Previous Game Price Developer
1 (1) Robo Defense $2.99 Lupis Labs
2 (4) Jewellust $2.95 Smartpix Games
3 (3) Labyrinth $4.85 Illusion Labs
4 (2) Abduction! World Attack $2.19 Phil Symonds
5 (5) Nesoid $2.99 yongzh
6 (6) Snesoid $2.99 yongzh
7 (NEW) Farm Frenzy $4.80 HeroCraft
8 (NEW) Tightrope Hero $0.99 GoodTEAMStudio
9 (8) Crystallight $2.95 Smartpix Games
10 (9) Buka $2.50 Hexage

If a developer wants to remain at the top, they need to release regular updates and Lupis Labs has done this with Robo Defense. Lupis Labs recently pushed out a new version of Robo Defense which included bug fixes and added a new boss character. Robo Defense remains a popular game among its fans maintaining a 4.93 out of 5 rating.

HeroCraft released their first Android title early in September and it debuted at number seven. Farm Frenzy is a farming simulator that allows you to look after chickens, sheep and cows and produce cakes, wool, butter and cheese. It appears HeroCraft has a large library of games for other phone platforms so hopefully they will port more titles to Android.

Google just released the Android 1.6 NDK which includes enhanced support for OpenGL ES 1.1 so hopefully developers will take advantage of this in upcoming titles. We are finally starting to see true 3D games like Speed Forge 3D and I hope this is a sign more games are on the way. It really is amazing that so few developers have been able to take full advantage of the powerful hardware found inside the current Android phones.

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