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Android 1.6 OTA confirmed

We reported earlier tonight that T-Mobile could be sending out the over the air update for Android 1.6 as early as tonight. I seriously doubted the rumor, but it looks like I was proven wrong. Two readers have already confirmed that they received the OTA and one even sent in pictures to prove it.

According to Tmonews, select G1′s will receive the update over the next 24 hours and then it will begin rolling out to myTouch 3G users. We expect the rollout will be staggered so it could still be a few weeks before everyone is officially updated.

If we obtain a link to the official update file, we will post it so that users can perform a manual update instead of having to wait.

Android 1.6 about screen.

Android 1.6 about screen.

[Thank you Kevin Mohr for sending in the picture]

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