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Android 2.0 coming to T-Mobile

We all know Android 2.0 is coming on November 6, 2009 when Verizon launches the Motorola Droid.

Millions of T-Mobile customers are left wondering, “What about us?!” Well, you can stop your worries because we contacted T-Mobile USA and got the following response.

T-Mobile is coordinating with Google to deliver Android 2.0. We will let you know when we have more details to share.

I’m glad to hear that Android 2.0 is coming, but surely T-Mobile can’t be happy with the special treatment Verizon is getting. I tried to find out if Verizon has an exclusive time period for the release of Android 2.0, but T-Mobile would not comment on that.

What about the Cliq?

We also asked about the Motorola Cliq which has begun shipping online and will be available in stores November 3, 2009. The Cliq features a custom version of Android dubbed Motoblur, which is based on Android 1.5. T-Mobile’s other two Android phones have already been updated to Android 1.6, so we were curious about their upgrade strategy for the Cliq.

The CLIQ ships with Android 1.5 software. We have no announcements at this time regarding new Android software updates. For more information about future updates to CLIQ and MOTOBLUR, it would be best to contact Motorola PR

I have yet to get an official response from Motorola PR, but I did some digging of my own. According to an inside source from Motorola, it appears Motoblur will be receiving an update based on Android 2.0 (and skip Android 1.6).

What about the G1?

There is still no clear cut answer regarding Android 2.0 on the G1. I have explained the limited internal storage issue of the G1 and we still don’t know if it will receive the update. It is entirely possible that Google will find a way to make it work. They just have a lot of obstacles in their way.

I’ve been monitoring the Twitter accounts for several Android engineers and check out what Jean-Baptiste Queru had to say about Android 2.0 fitting on the G1 and ADP1 (technically same hardware, aka HTC Dream).

Make your own conclusions.

I'll let you guys guess what this means.


Android 2.0 will be coming to T-Mobile phones, but the time frame could vary greatly depending on which device you own.

  • myTouch 3G: Google experience phone. No space limitations. Should receive the update as soon as Google makes it available to T-Mobile.
  • G1: Google experience phone. Space Limitations. Very complex issue.
  • Cliq: Custom Motorola version of Android. Waiting on Motorola to update Motoblur to Android 2.0
  • Behold II: No official information yet. I would not be surprised if it shipped with Android 1.5 based on what we have seen with other Samsung phones.

I had recently begun to believe that the carrier was responsible for when updates were released. However, based on recent information it looks like Google holds the key for their Google experience phones. This means that if Android 2.0 is significantly delayed on the G1 and myTouch 3G, you should blame Google and not T-Mobile. When it comes to custom versions of Android like Motorola’s Motoblur or HTC’s Sense UI, the handset maker is responsible for the updates.

Hopefully we will not have to wait much longer. Android 2.0 is finished, but Google controls which phones get it first. Right now, their top priority is to make sure the Verizon Droid is a huge success. Early adopters of Android and the G1 will have to sit tight and keep their fingers crossed.

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