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Android and You video contest winner (and honorable mentions)

It’s been fun all week watching the videos you guys sent in showing off your favorite Android apps, but its finally time to pick a winner. We had more than a dozen great videos submitted, showcasing everything from widgets, to an ebook reader, to a wireless music controller, to a cardboard cutout of Miley Cyrus. Up for grabs was the very first limited edition Android tee (even the regular edition is sold out now), a Kingston 16GB MicroSD card, and a Kingston MobileLite G2 card reader.

Winner: Somnuson

You gotta give it up to a man willing to go to these lengths for a free shirt. Sure, it might not be the most informative video of the bunch but it had us all laughing and that’s enough for the win. Now, the next time he runs into a celebrity at McDonald’s or the club he can do so in style (in his new limited edition Android tee).

Honorable Mentions

FakeGreenDress sent in a great video showcasing the Aldiko Book Reader (and its beautiful interface). Along with a solid walkthrough of the app we’re treated to a cameo from a familiar green friend. A close, close second but dancing with a cardboard cutout in public is just too hard to top.

alitke15 submitted a video showing off the fun image editing abilities of PicSay. Was close to being a top contender until he credited our wallpapers to AndroidGuys (grumble grumble). We here at Android and Me are huge fans of proper attribution and had to dock him a few points for the slip up. We did, however, really like the even ‘spookier’ scene he created.

PacoRocco6 actually sent in two videos, this one being our favorite. Jetflicks! TV is a pretty awesome looking service that allows you to watch full episodes of your favorite TV shows on your Android device (despite the blatant, blatant piracy).

djblueshift sent in one of the cooler apps we saw, Fingerplay, a wireless MIDI controller. I can’t wait until I’m out at a show and get to see someone pull out an Android phone as part of a set.

A big thanks to everyone who sent in videos, it really was a blast to see which apps you guys are using (and which cardboard celebs you prefer). You can see all the entries in the original post.

More contests coming soon…

If you missed out this time, stay tuned for more contests in the next few weeks. We’ve got some more limited edition tees in the vault and will be giving them out soon (with requirements easier than shooting a video).

And to our winner, you didn’t leave your email with the comment but I sent you a message on YouTube. Go read it and reply, your prizes are waiting…

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