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Google hand picks developers for Android 2.0

Google is set to unveil Android 2.0 on October 28 and the first phone featuring the new OS (Verizon Droid) will be in customers hand on November 6. Developers feel left in the dark because Google has failed to publicly release the Android 2.0 SDK or comment on the upcoming changes.

Not all is lost, because Google has hand picked several developers to receive an early look at Android 2.0 and test their software on new devices.

Check out this invitation that was recently sent out to select devs:

Congratulations!  Based on the popularity of your Android application,
we’d like to invite you to visit Google to test drive your code on new
test hardware.

This is an invitation only event to take place at the following locations:

* Monday, Oct 26 in Mountain View, CA
* Tuesday, Oct 27 in Mountain View, CA
* Tuesday, Oct 27 in London, UK

We’re opening a few slots next week for developers to come in and
explore new screen sizes and features of the platform.  During this
time you’ll have access to Android engineers, as well as test hardware
devices. All attendees are required to accept our NDA, which will be
sent to you upon registration.

What do you guys think? Is it fair that only a small group of devs have access to the code while everyone else is left waiting? How do you think Google is handling the release of Android 2.0 so far?

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