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MOTOLEAK: Hacker ports Blur to HTC G1

A reader just sent in this video that is sure to please Motorola. Apparently a hacker was able to obtain a leaked copy of a Cliq rom (which includes MotoBlur) and he ported it to the HTC G1. We saw how Google reacted to developers distributing their Android apps, so I can only imagine how Motorola feels about someone releasing their software for another manufacturer’s handset.

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  1. Rizoh66Guest 6 years ago

    Awesome! Totally Awesome!

  2. JERRYGuest 6 years ago

    HTC wasn’t mad about it … why would Moto be ?

  3. AmuGuest 6 years ago

    Woot, I can only imagine the MotoBlur on the Moto STD :). What would we do without hackers/devs?!!

  4. CryptoGuest 6 years ago

    What about all the folks who said they would remove the crap MotoBlur and flash something nice onto their MotoCliq ?????

    This looks like a great advertisement for the Moto CLIQ and its Blur.

    Motorola are not going to be happy.

    I wonder who gets the Cease and Desist letter?

  5. BartGuest 6 years ago

    Couldn’t he just release some of those widgets on the market. I mean, that’s what the people want right? The widget pack with all the social networking. I couldn’t care about the rest and I don’t want to root.

  6. William FurrGuest 6 years ago

    What is the big deal about Moto Blur? It mostly looks like junk I don’t want on the front screen of my phone. If I had a Cliq, I might play with the default setup for a few minutes before removing all the widgets from my main home screen, but that’s it. I can’t imagine using something like that on a daily basis.

  7. MiguelGuest 6 years ago

    nice, but no thanks!

  8. SkeetGuest 6 years ago

    MotoBlur does have the ability to remotely wipe your cellphone in case it gets lost.

  9. I rreally like it. im sure once it gets really stable. i’ll be playing with it. =] i can only take so much of one thing hahaha

  10. rafaJboyGuest 6 years ago

    was totally bound to happen, was inevitable.

  11. Kenny HigginsGuest 6 years ago

    Ok, but it still looks tame compared to the HTC Hero

  12. JOKR SolutionsGuest 6 years ago

    Nice porting – Motoblur, to much mishmash for me

  13. BrandonGuest 6 years ago

    I have seen the moto blur program in person and I think that motorola has the right to release it on their device first but it would later make a great paid app in the market. Its also important to respect others work and not exploit and prirate the innovations made by others, this program and all others should be used in an ethical manner.

  14. mobile pornGuest 6 years ago

    I’m not real excited about MotoBlur myself- i dont really use all those social services- got enough to handle without more people wanting to chat me up hahaha

    i would think Moto would be irked pretty good by this, but i also agree with the above comment, that it would make a desireable paid app

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  19. FahadGuest 6 years ago

    Interesting, the only thing i would want from that is the ability for all my contact pictures to populate automatically from facebook, other than that the rest seems like needless clutter to me…

  20. hey r we ever gunna get dat rom