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iPhone 3G S vs Palm Pre vs Motorola Droid

4 years ago 54

So you need a new smartphone and you can’t decide which to get (hint: go Android). The new Motorola Droid enters into a smartphone marketplace dominated by AT&T’s iPhone and Sprint’s Palm Pre. But how are consumers supposed to compare the offerings when the providers make it nearly impossible to make apples to apples comparisons on plan options?

Our friends at BillShrink have made the process a little easier by providing a nice infographic with the latest smartphones. They offer a free personalized cost-saving service designed to help people lower their spending by monitoring over 10 million wireless plans.

BillShrink has launched the first-ever handset selector interactive feature that let’s you search by features and then matches you to the best phone and plan.

Check out their comparison below and let us know what you think. I’m not surprised that VZW has some of the most expensive rate plans, but they do have the largest 3G network.

Come back later today for our own in-depth look comparing all the carrier data plans.

You know which phone we like.

Full size image here.