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Mozilla Firefox coming to Android

We had a feeling this was coming. Mozilla has finally confirmed they are bringing the popular web browser to the Android mobile platform. Om Malik had an interview with Mozilla CEO John Lilly and VP Jay Sullivan who shared their thoughts on Android.

“Until recently, Android was Java, but they released Android NDK which uses C/C++ and that is what we program in, so we are now looking at developing Firefox for Android,” said Jay Sullivan, vice president of Mobile for Mozilla.

Mr. Lilly explained the reason why we have had to wait so long.

“Sure, we are behind, but we didn’t want to do a browser that didn’t do the whole web,” Lilly said. “We wanted to build a browser that did everything – Javascript, CSS, Flash, SVG, video and audio. What that meant was we had to wait for a while for devices to get better to handle this modern browser.”

Another new feature was unveiled by Mr. Sullivan.

“Mozilla Firefox will be the first mobile browser to support add-ons,” boasted Sullivan

There is no release schedule for Firefox on Android, but a version has been spotted on the new Acer netbook. I pre-ordered the Android netbook and it arrives tomorrow. I’m interested to see exactly what version of Firefox is included with the device. My guess is Acer did their own port of the Linux version of Firefox.

How awesome is browser wars on a mobile platform? We already have the default Android browser and now Opera Mobile and Firefox are headed our way.

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