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Sholes = Droid ? Maybe

Sholes, Shules, Tao, Voles, STD, and Droid are just a few of the nicknames given to the upcoming Motorola phone headed for Verizon. We have been using the name Sholes when referring to the device because it was the most commonly used code name. Boy Genius Report has been claiming for several weeks that Verizon would launch the phone as the Motorola Droid and has posted new evidence today.

Image courtesy BGR.

Image courtesy BGR.

The screenshot lists the model number as Droid and the firmware version as 2.0. The last time I was able to look at the About phone screen on a demo unit, the model number was Voles and the firmware version was Eclair. Google waits till the very end to assign a firmware version number, so this pic from BGR appears to be very recent and legit.

I was starting to like the name Sholes, but I think Droid is a much better choice. The general public still has no clue what Android is and having a phone called “Droid” on the largest United States carrier (Verizon) will help build the brand.

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