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T-Mobile customers unwilling to pay for faster 3G data speeds

T-Mobile is expected to upgrade their 3G network to HSPA 7.2 later this year. This means Android phones will have access to a faster data network that supports download speeds of 7.2 Mbps instead of the current cap which is around 1.8 Mbps. We asked T-Mobile if there would be any additional charge for the upcoming speed boost, but they do not comment on future business strategies.

Since the exact pricing strategy has not been announced, we asked our readers “How much extra would you pay for the boosted speeds of T-Mobile’s upcoming 3G network?”

Faster 3G is coming in 2009.

Faster 3G is coming in 2009.

An overwhelming 84 percent of our readers think the 3G upgrade should be offered for free. Around 15 percent said they would pay $5-10 extra per month and only 2 percent said they would pay any price.

T-Mobile currently offers some of the most expensive data plans for Android phones. They charge $24.99 for an unlimited data plan or $34.99 for unlimited data and text. Customers are still required to purchase a separate calling plan.

Sprint has a bundled smartphone plan with 450 minutes and unlimited data for $69 and Cellular South is offering a plan with 500 minutes and unlimited data for $49.

T-Mobile is already testing the even faster HSPA+ in Philadelphia and we are still waiting for them to announce a rollout schedule for the HSPA 7.2 speed boost.

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