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Verizon moves up Motorola Droid coming out party

Someone at Motorola must be getting a good laugh right about now. It looks like the strategy of keeping their new phone a secret are paying off as bloggers gobble up every little leak that drops (yes this includes me). After countless release dates for the Motorola Droid (Sholes) were rumored, we finally thought the device would be unveiled on October 30, 2009. Shortly after all the sites reported about the timer on the Droiddoes.com teaser page, the countdown date was altered. The countdown is controlled by an XML file which originally listed October 30, but it has now been updated to October 28.

We still expect the phone to be announced in late October and then go on sale in November. At the rate things are changing, I guess anything is possible. Keep an eye out for even more twists and turns.

Someone changed the date from 10/30 to 10/28.

Someone changed the date from 10/30 to 10/28.

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