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Verizon needs to gain trust of Android community

Last week we asked our readers “Will Verizon cripple Android?” and now the results are in. I have never been a customer of Verizon, but we have all read the reports about them removing GPS functionality and charging extra for it. Verizon is expected to launch their first Android phones this holiday season so I was curious on how the community perceived them.

Verizon can only go up from here.

Verizon can only go up from here.

To my surprise, over half (53%) of our readers think Verizon will cripple Android in some way. Only 23% think Verizon will leave Android untouched and 23% could care less because they plan to hack the phone.

These numbers are ugly, but Verizon can only improve their image from this point forward. We have no evidence that Verizon has any plans to cripple Android, but each carrier has the right to make changes for their network.

Some of our favorite comments from the poll:

“Verizon has no heart. They’re modeled after microsoft. They like to break down their services into hundreds of small bits and sell each one to you for as much as they can get each with a two year contract.” – freon500

“If they cripple the GPS i just won’t buy it.” – Joe

“If they don’t cripple the phone itself they will cripple your wallet with the plan rates they have.” – Seth Stevenson

“This bodes well for Android… mostly, but I am sure that even if it isn’t crippled in the usual sense, it will be weighted down with “Excusive Services” like VZNavigator (directions), and other such garbage in order to try and pull every dime they can out of the customer.” – JayMonster

“I am unfortunately a Verizon customer and have been waiting FOREVER for Verizon to get a good phone. They have been known to cripple all of their phones in the past so I wouldn’t be too surprised if they cripple their Android phones. If they do cripple their Android phones, that will be the last straw and I will leave Verizon for Sprint, so that I can get a HTC Hero.” -Mikael

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