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Android Road Trip: Saturday we ride

Tomorrow, Taylor and Clark Wimberly (the brothers behind Android and Me) are leaving on a week-long road trip to the west coast. We are headed to San Diego to attend the Motodev Summit and the CTIA Wireless IT and Entertainment Expo to track down any Android hardware, apps, tips, and rumors we can find. To make it really fun we are bringing you guys along for the ride. We are going to live blog the whole trip using this site, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, and Tumblr.

What to watch for

We are using all our spare time on the trip to review apps, post videos, and talk Android. AndroidAndMe.com will be updated multiple times a day with news, app and game reviews, Android videos, everything you are used to seeing on this site. To mark updates as being part of the Road Trip, images attached to each post will have a tiny ‘Android Road Trip’ label in the bottom left corner (like you see on this page). AndroidRoadTrip.com will feature updates from our Twitter accounts (@androidandme and @clarklab), photos from our Flickr page, videos from our YouTube channel, and posts from this site. For non-Android content (aka travel and food posts), you can follow our Android and Me Tumblr.

We know that we are going to be all over the place, but we didn’t want to flood the main site with travel posts or make anyone read a bunch of content they didn’t want to see. By spreading it around we hoped to allow you to choose your level of involvement. If you couldn’t care less what we are up to on the road, just keep your eyes on the main site. Want to bug us on Twitter and watch our videos the whole way? Follow our Road Trip and Tumblr sites.

Day 1 – Austin, TX to El Paso, TX

We are leaving from Austin, TX around noon on October 3, headed west 575 miles to El Paso, TX. 450 miles of that will be a straight shot on I-10. In El Paso we will be staying on the west side of town in a La Quinta (only the classiest for us). We’ve got a few tips on places to eat (Chico’s here we come) but could always use more. A solid suggestion could land you a free t-shirt. Keep reading for more info…

Day 2 – El Paso, TX to Tucson, AZ

On the morning of Oct 4, we are going to drive a much shorter 315 miles from El Paso, TX to Tucson, AZ. Again, we’ll be riding I-10 west, this time through the Southern tip of New Mexico and Arizona. On Google Maps the route looks peppered with parks and a National Forest which hopefully will lead to some scenery. If you know where we can find the goods, send us a tip on twitter.

Day 3 – Tucson, AZ to San Diego, CA

Oct 5 we wake in Tucson, AZ and continue west another 400 miles to our destination in San Diego, CA. We are staying at the Holiday Inn in Bayside, about 4 miles from the convention center. On Oct 6 we will be attending the Motodev Summit and on Oct 7 and 8 we will be at CTIA.

Send us Tips, Win Free Shirts

Rep Android

Rep Android

We’ve got a ton of stuff planned for the trip (app reviews, video updates, blogging, photos, etc) but we’ve got a long way to go and know we aren’t immune to getting bored.

This is where you come in. We need help finding restaurants, roadside attractions, crazy retail spaces, anything worth checking out. To encourage you guys to send in the tips, we are going to give away three of our new Android t-shirts to the three readers who give us the best suggestions.

They won’t be for sale for another few weeks but anyone with a killer tip can have one earlier. We’ve got sizes S – 2XL and will select three winners, one for the best restaurant, one for the best attraction, and one for the best travel tip (wildcard category). You can use the following links to send us suggestions on Twitter, or you can leave a comment here.

Feel free to change the wording in your Tweets, just make sure you use the hashtag #aamrt so we can find your tweets.

Clark is a developer living in Austin, Texas. He runs ClarkLab, a small web firm with his wife, Angie. He's a big fan of usability, standards, and clean design.

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