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Dolphin Browser, social & smart

Warning: Some users have complained of browser force close issues after installing the Dolphin browser. If you experience any problems, uninstall the Dolphin browser and see if that corrects them.

A new browser for Android has been making a splash with it’s extended set of features. Dolphin is a mobile browser that adds social features (sharing links and following trends), navigation improvements (multi-touch pinch zoom, improved start page), and browsing tools (new address bar and bookmarking features). The website includes a full list of features, along with screens. Highlights include:

  • Share links instantly with social networks
  • Multi-touch pinch zoom
  • Smart address bar
  • RSS detection and subscription
  • Sync with Google bookmarks
  • Tabs views
  • All-in-one start page

For more information, visit the Dolphin Browser site.

What is your favorite mobile browser? There are a handful of options to pick from, along with some big names about to enter the game (Mozilla and Opera).

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