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A few notes before you stand in line for the Verizon Droid

Friday marks the biggest phone launch in Android history when the Motorola Droid goes on sale at Verizon Wireless. Many of our readers have told us they plan to wait in line early in the morning to purchase the phone, so we have a few tips.

1. Call your local Verizon Store

Some Verizon stores open at 7AM and others are opening at 8AM. Call the store you plan to visit to make sure you have the right time.

2. Get on the waiting list

I called my local Verizon store and asked how many phones they had available. They would not provide the actual number, but they did take down my information and placed me on a list. Check with your store and see if they have a waiting list.

3. Read your contract before you sign it

BGR is reporting that Verizon is planning to raise the fee for early termination of your contract. It went from $200 $175 up to $350. The $350 ETF will be decreased $10 for each month of service completed. Make sure you really love Verizon and want to stick with them for 2 years.

Update: As noted in the comments the $350 ETF does not go in effect till November 15, 2009 (thanks guys).

4. You will pay $299+ in a Verizon store

The Droid is being advertised as $199, but that is after a $100 mail in rebate. Best Buy Mobile has it for $199 in store with 2yr contract. A tipster also reported Walmart will have the Droid for $188.00 with 2yr contract.

5. Personal unlimited data is $30

There was some confusion that users would have to pay an extra $15 for exchange support. Gearlog has clarified this – personal accounts will pay $30 for a data package and corporate accounts get charged $45 for data.

Have something else to add to the list? Did we make any mistakes? Leave a comment.

For anyone who missed it, check out the new Droid TV spot.

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