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Adobe Flash 10.1 to require Android 2.0

We already know that Adobe Flash will not be making an appearance on the Android platform this year as we originally expected. At the time Flash 10.1 was delayed, Adobe said, Android is taking longer because Adobe needs some programming interfaces that will be available with the Eclair release of Android, due later this year.” We speculated that an early version of Flash 10 might be included with Android 2.0, but obviously that didn’t happen.

Android visitors to the Adobe Flash Player site are now greeted with the following image (Thanks TmoNews).

"First half of 2010". LOL.

"First half of 2010". LOL.

This confirms our earlier beliefs that Android 2.0 will in fact be required for Adobe’s Flash Player. The Android 2.0 source code is now available to everyone, but handset makers still need to update their device drivers to work with the latest kernel. Rumor has it some companies are lagging on updating older devices to Android 2.0, but it appears they still have plenty of time.

Flash 10.1 is not expected till the “first half of 2010″, which could be late June for all we know. It was way back in 2008 when we first saw Flash demoed on a G1 so there is no telling when the much delayed browser plugin will actually make an appearance.

The mobile version of Flash is reported to support multi-touch, accelerometers, multiple screen orientations, and hardware graphics acceleration. This could be a boon for Android gamers so we are eagerly anticipating the beta.

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