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Android and Chrome will likely converge over time says Google founder

What if your browser was your operating system? That is the thinking behind the new Chrome OS from Google.

Many people were confused (including myself) when Google first announced Chrome OS. Why would they develop a second mobile operating system when they already had Android going? Google’s response was that they needed different technology for different devices.

I purchased an Android netbook just for fun and I tend to agree with them. Android is awesome on a phone, but it was never designed to run on a netbook and it is mostly pointless to try and use it as such.

According to a report from CNET, Google founder Sergey Brin confirmed what many of us have been thinking. “Android and Chrome will likely converge over time,” citing among other things the common Linux and Webkit code base present in both projects.

I guess we could have seen this coming based on Google’s comments from the last Google I/O. Google has expressed a desire to developer web applications powered by HTML5 and wants to move away from native apps.

Look to next year’s Google I/O in May for future developments of the Chrome OS and how it might integrate with Android.

Bonus: Here is an early concept video for a possible Chrome UI.

Want to try out Google Chrome OS for yourself? TechCrunch has a guide up explaining how to run it in a virtual machine.

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