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Android rumor report: Motorola edition

5 years ago 23

It has been a month since our last rumor report so I figured it was time for a new edition. This time we focus on Motorola who recently released two Android phones and is ready to unleash a slew of new devices in 2010.

Please consider everything in this post a rumor. Each item has been corroborated by several sources, but don’t expect Motorola to confirm or deny any of this information.

Motorola Cliq

A source tells me the Cliq might be stuck with Android 1.x. Motorola has told us they were planning an update for the Motoblur-powered phone, but have not specified which version of Android it would support. Rumor has it that Motorola has not budgeted to bring up all the device drivers for Android 2.0. Google made significant changes to the kernel in Android 2.0 and it takes a lot of effort for handset makers to update their hardware drivers to be compatible.

I really hope this rumor is wrong, but it comes from a reliable source that has never let us down. Motorola could easily squash this rumor, but has chosen not to comment on Android 2.0 coming to the Cliq.

Motorola Motus

We have briefly mentioned the Motus and its “reverse flip keyboard“. Several sources have told us this device will launch in Q1 and be powered by Android 1.5. Why would Motorola release an Android phone in 2010 that is still running Android 1.5? The phone is essentially the same internals as the Cliq (Qualcomm 528 MHz CPU). If the Motus does in fact launch with Android 1.5, this would lead us to believe that the Cliq rumor above is true.

The phone is also said to be a Motoblur-powered device and is likely headed to Verizon AT&T or T-Mobile. It should also appear on another carrier since there is a GSM version in the works. Motus has support for AT&T and T-Mobile 3G bands (W-CDMA 850/900/1700/1900)/2100).

Motorola Sholes Tablet

The Sholes Tablet is a very old rumor that was recently confirmed in the leaked Motorola roadmap. The phone is essentially a Motorola Droid minus the keyboard and with an updated camera. Our sources tell us this device is headed for T-Mobile in Q1 2010 and will feature Motoblur. T-Mobile seems to be huge fans of Blur (we are not) and all their Motorola phones should feature the social service.

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