Nov 30 AT 12:50 PM Clark Wimberly 8 Comments

Navigon enters crowded Android GPS space

A few days ago at iCE Amsterdam Navigon announced a GPS navigation app for Android, set to release on December 10th. Google recently unleashed Google Maps Navigation for free on all 1.6 devices, leaving some (including myself) wondering what market space would really be left for GPS latecomers. But combine the fact that Google Navigation is still only available only in the US with no support for 1.5 devices and there is still a sizable segment up for grabs.

Pricing has yet to be announced but the current Navigon offering on the iPhone carries a hefty $89 price tag. We’ve yet to really see how Google Navigation being free has disrupted the GPS market but the forthcoming Android price point might give us a little insight. It should be interesting to see what angle they take.

Would you pay a high premium for turn-by-turn navigation? Or just wait it out for a free solution?

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