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Samsung chooses gimmicks over specs for T-Mobile Behold 2

Many T-Mobile customers have been waiting to get their hands on a second generation Android phone. They have been seeing all the hype surrounding the Verizon Droid and they are jealous. Unfortunately, they will have to sit tight until 2010.

Samsung officially unveiled their Behold II today which will be available on T-Mobile starting November 18, 2009. T-Mobile failed to include the retail price with their press release but it looks like the phone will be available for $229.99 with a 2yr contract (Or maybe $199 – someone can’t make up their mind).

Also released today were the highly anticipated product specifications (PDF). We have been eagerly waiting to find out the CPU, RAM, and ROM which would power this phone. As many of our regular readers already know, every Android phone T-Mobile has released includes a Qualcomm 528 MHz processor.

Even with the official product spec sheet in hand, we are unable to report the CPU, RAM, and ROM. Samsung decided to conveniently leave those off and instead chose to focus on other cool features like a “3D cube navigation menu”.

When a handset maker wants to tout some gimmick software over pure hardware specs, something is wrong. Handset makers should be in the business of producing awesome phones and should not be wasting their time on software. If you want to release a Google phone, then leave the operating system up to Google and focus on bringing your consumers a kick ass device.

The totally unconfirmed rumors suggest the Samsung Behold II will feature a 528 MHz CPU, 512 MB ROM, and 256 MB RAM. We are certain the phone will ship with the outdated Android 1.5, but Samsung is claiming the device will eventually support Android 2.0.

The Bottom Line

This product is nothing to get excited about, but at least T-Mobile customers have their choice of another 1st generation Android phone.

Engadget got some hands on time with the device and has posted a short video.

I also just found one more video from MobileBurn.

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